Sock Smelling 40

Lezdom Soap Opera 21:

Smell my stinky socks, slavegirl!
Lexi Pain is first laid on her hands and feet in iron by her mistress Marcella. Then the sadistic young lady closes her mouth with an adhesive tape. Completely defenseless and helplessly delivered to her, Lexi now lies there and gets her feet in socks pressed against Marcina's nose to smell. Marcella forcibly presses her feet onto her nose, forcing her to inhale the smell of her sock foot.

Sock Smelling 40

  • Product Code: Sock Smelling 40
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Tags: socks, sock, socken, sniffing, foot, feet, soles, fuss, füsse, toes, bizarr, goddess, herrin, madame, mistress, bdsm, bizarr, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, mistress, Marcella, Slavegirl Lexi Pain,

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